Final Design

Teeth and Grooves

My design for the jersey barrier features a running series of interconnecting gears in vibrant, upbeat colors, which will offer a fun and whimsical journey for pedestrians. Gears are essential parts of many machines, and especially automobiles, and are used to transmit torque and rotational movement when meshed together. In this project, interlocking gears are a metaphor for the relationship between pedestrians and automobiles, as the successful functioning of our transportation system relies on the predictable motion from each part, which in turn directly influences the motion of its immediate interlocking part. This type of systemic interaction is just one of the many that give shape and energy to our urban landscape.


Barrier Beautification Initiative

DOT partners with new York Cares to commission professional artists to create temporary designs to be painted by volunteers on barrier sites. Individual artists or artist teams are invited to submit applications. DOT and NY Cares will provide materials and tools to paint the design, including paints and brushes. DOT will help oversee artwork production, translation and design implementation. Barrier sites will be primed and prepped in advance by NYC Community Cleanup. Artists are individually responsible for translating the design but may acquire assistance to complete the process. All artists and assistants are required to sign a waiver form before working on-site.

DOT will assign each selected artist a barrier site within one of the five boroughs, and will award each artist a $2,000 honorarium to complete a final design, translate the design onto the barrier and oversee painting by NY Cares volunteers. In addition, each artist will receive a $500 stipend to cover the cost of materials to translate the design onto barriers (i.e. special paper, stencils and markers).