Every Second Week of the Month, as of March 2005

Acylic, marker, charcoal, white-out and latex on canvas
94" x 46.5"
on-going since April 2000

The process of painting parallels my struggle with revolving credit card debt and my curiosity towards the evolution of the New York City subway system. Painting over and wiping away also mimics the passage of time as each layer added is wiped away and replaced, while leaving evidence and traces along the way.

I receive this particular credit card’s statements on every third week of the month, and made payments by the second week of the following month. I update the painting to display how debt really works: I wipe out the old numbers as the new monthly credit card statement arrives, in a sense invalidating the previous month’s statement. The new figures are written in the same exact location, in charcoal, along with the unavoidable residue of charcoal dust from the previous layer.

Debt, like paint, is a stain, and difficult to remove. Drastic resurfacing occurs after I perform a balance transfer. I use layers and layers of acrylic paint to cover up the stains, creating the illusion that I have a fresh start on my debt.