One Block at a Time - Proposal drawing

One Block at a Time

Proposal for Galvanizing Lower Manhattan Construction Sites

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, 2007

The Lego blocks are one of the most popular toys for children in many countries.  It is a toy that can be played without any instructions across all cultures, and for some, it is also the only form of “construction” that we can take part in as an individual, in our lifetime.  For the Downtown Manhattan Reinvention and Galvanization project, I propose the creation of a Lego Mural consisting of an invented cityscape of various buildings taken from New York City, iconic children’s cartoons, and my imagination.  The Lego blocks will be adhered to the existing panels at the construction site in downtown Manhattan, with an unfinished top to allow passersby to “build” and extend on top of the mural created, allowing the work to evolve continuously until the actual construction is complete.  This project will remind us the fun of construction in a city that never finishes its face-lifts and remodeling.