Media Matters

Foster/White Gallery
220 Third Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104

September 6 - 29, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, Sept. 6, 6-8pm

How many of us, when approaching a work of art, look for a label to read before even absorbing the work itself? There is some part of us that has a need for information which we hope will explain what we encounter, but does that information matter? Should the material or method of an artwork impact how we engage with it? Media Matters celebrates eight artists who have taken their own route and challenge our expectations of process and materials.

Artists Thomas Doyle, Andrew Millner, Hunt Rettig, Luke Haynes, Jessica Drenk, Lindsay Pichaske, Eugenie Tung and Carol Inez Charney join Foster/White Gallery to explore the expectations of media. Through the use of textiles, plaster casts, digital tablets, rubber and everyday items, these artists push themselves to create work which questions tradition.