16 Windows

Permanent Artwork in Fused Glass for MTA Arts for Transit Program, Canarsie Line New Lots Avenue Subway Station Permanent Art Project

2005 - 2007

Fabricator: Franz Mayer of Munich, Inc.

Total Budget: $90,000

16 Windows
consists of 16 fused glass panels to depict the view of looking into the windows of different residents’ homes and the daily lives of New Yorkers. Permanently situated on the New Lots Avenue Station outdoor subway platforms, eight “neighbors” are engaged in daytime activities associated with making their way to work on the Manhattan Bound platform. Upon their return and stepping off the Canarsie Bound train, subway riders observe another eight “neighbors” who have already begun their evening rituals. By offering a fictional “reverse window watching” experience for the riders at the New Lot Avenue station, I further suggest that act of looking into windows too is a collective experience for New Yorkers.