Travel Magnets

Digital images on magnetic sheets on used refrigerator
61” x 28” x 29”

Refrigerator magnets are one of the most common forms of travel souvenirs that serve as a reminder of places once visited, both during and between daily domestic activities.  The advent of online shopping has made possible the purchase of destination magnets of anywhere in the world by anyone, anywhere in the world.  It is now to have travel magnets of a place you’ve never been. 

Travel Magnets is a user-participatory art project in which people from all over the world were asked to submit photographs of residential windows, to be reproduced as refrigerator magnets. Participants who kindly offered their financial support through Kickstarter will be awarded 1 or more random magnets from someone else’s window when the exhibition is over.

By juxtaposing refrigerators between the large windows of Smack Mellon Gallery located at Brooklyn, NY, Travel Magnets attempts to bring glimpses of domesticity to an artistic venue and area of the city which was formerly known for heavy manufacturing and commerce.  Like a place of import/export and exchange, the magnets will be assembled from images from all around the world, will be seen as a whole in the exhibition space, and then be dispatched randomly to the participants.  The magnets will serve as a souvenir of a place or home that the participant may never visit, but they will instantly recognize the imagery as something that has the power to be both unknown and universal at the same time: home.

This project was made possible by the generous support of the following people -

Amy and Patrick Johnson
Bill Barclay
Brian Dore
Bridget Lewis
Carrie Scanga
Cecile Chong
Chris Hagerty & Rosie Bergeron
Cindy Madigan
Donna Packer
Emily Lowell
Heidi Neilson
Helen and Mark Packer
Iona Lee
Jennifer Tomaiolo
John Avelluto
Katina Frierson
Katy Higgins
Keiko Narahashi
Laura Kelley
Lucy Star
Matthew Hogg
Melanie Cohn
Melissa Hsiung
Michael Geminder
Molly Merson-Dolgicer
Natalie Campbell
Pamela Vanderway/Dialect411.com
RA Friedman
Scott Newman
Shari Zolla
Stephen J Dietz
Vaneeesa Blaylock
Zen and Gerald Campbell