Windows are like a proscenium, making spectators and actors of those on both sides of the glass.  People looking in to windows pry, at times catching the glance of the people within who are surveying the street and staring out at them.  Windows are also a display case of our private world - we are conscious of the items we place near them and what those objects reveal about us.

After conceiving 16 Windows and Conspicuous Inoccupancy, I began creating photomontages of windows from the many photos I’ve taken over the years, to catalogue and juxtapose the similarities and differences in our lives.  Like my earlier work, the photographs were taken in cities I once called home, cities I visited before they were my home, and on my travels. The windows featured in Travelogue are removed from their context, stripped of time and space, to accentuate how our way of living, despite the minor differences, are in many ways universal.