The Vacation Series - Paintings/Drawings

From the time I first set foot in this country 14 years ago, at age 17, to finish high school in a rural American city, through receiving my MFA degree in Brooklyn, in 2004, I have lived in 11 different apartments, moving from arid desert to the Pacific Northwest, to New York City. As I moved I accumulated inanimate objects I couldn’t bear to part with.  They serve as powerful reminders of a particular era in my life. In my art, I use these same objects as proxies for how my life is perpetually in transit, but never for long.

My paintings in this series are reenactments of moving into the apartments from an aerial perspective.  With exaggerations based on how I remembered the apartment, I first painted in the walls, and laid down the landscape outside and the carpet inside.  After I moved/painted in my belongings, they were subsequently painted out to complete the entire vacation process.  The color choices were mostly a conceptual decision - intending to suggest these apartments were not ideal living circumstances, I deliberately employed a dull, unpleasing range of colors to recreate the environments; awful looking carpet and floor tiles, predictable kitchen configurations. While I used white to represent the division of rooms and closet spaces in the apartments, I used black to symbolize the unknown – the neighbors that I never got acquainted with but who contributed greatly to my living experiences in these temporary homes.